about us

Softball is a journey

What started in backyards and parks over 10 years ago, has grown into one of Southern California’s most successful fastpitch training programs. PowerhouseMechanics athletes compete at every level and many have taken the lessons they’ve learned on the diamond to create fulfilling careers in softball and beyond. With over 400 athletes active in the program across 5 states, our journey has only just begun.

We are building a team of certified coaches to share our program with aspiring athletes across the country. Thanks to our commitment to a unique training philosophy and the hard work of our athletes, we have developed a reputation at every level for developing effective, proud and powerful athletes.

Our Coaches

PowerhouseMechanics coaches are passionate about developing young athletes in all aspects of pitching.

Every coach in the program brings exceptional ability and varied backgrounds – from experienced fastpitch coaches at all levels to Division I athletes. The PowerhouseMechanics program organizes its staff by 3 different classifications (Head Coach, Coach and Trainer) to create a collaborative structure that ensures that each athlete receives a productive and consistent training experience from more than one professional.

We are adding and developing PowerhouseMechanics coaches weekly. Below are just a few of our coaches. Find out if the PowerhouseMechanics program is available in your area.