meet jason iuli-kinsey

From a passion to a calling

In 2009, I retired from playing Men’s Major Fastpitch. I knew my time playing at the highest level was over, but I didn’t feel my time in the sport was done.

Playing for 14 years took a toll on me. All the traveling, hotel stays, moving from city to city had left me with a desire to be more grounded. I decided to come home to San Diego where I was born and raised to create the next chapter in my life.

In San Diego, I was introduced to my first student and her family. At the time I didn’t know if dedicating myself to coaching was the right thing for me, but God had plans for me. In just a month, I went from one student to 4 and training out of a backyard cage. Within one year I was working with over 60 students on a weekly basis.

I was grateful for my success as a private coach in the toughest market in the country, yet something was missing.

When one of my students – who traveled from a different state to come train with me – asked me a simple question, “Coach Jason, was being a pitching coach your dream job?” I was caught off guard and answered questionably, “No.”

“Then why do you do it, if it’s not what you’re passionate about?” Her questions bothered me for days. I repeated the question over and over in my head. Why did I keep coming back? Why did I care so much?

Finally it hit me… Coaching is not my passion. Coaching is my calling.

Playing fastpitch had been my passion. Competing was about me and what I could accomplish. It satisfied me as an individual. But my calling is a different story. My calling is what I do to serve others. Once I realized the difference, my outlook and goals shifted massively. I had to figure out a way to help as many athletes as possible.

And that desire to serve filled me up. The lingering feeling of something missing was gone. I knew my mission, and I began to develop a program that would give me the ability to impact thousands of people and not just those I could fit in a 40 hour work week.

That is how PowerhouseMechanics was born.