The Program

Independent coaches coming together to form a one-of-a-kind training experience.

Based on the techniques and philosophies of Jason Iuli-Kinsey – one of Southern California’s most successful private instructors – we have created a training program that allows any developing pitcher to experience a level of coaching that was previously reserved for elite athletes.


Each athlete that enters the program is evaluated by an approved PowerhouseMechanics Head Coach or Coach. The Coach assesses the developing pitcher and prescribes a course of training that is customized for their unique abilities and goals. The Coach then assigns the player to a PowerhouseMechanics Trainer who will work regularly with the player and guide them on the specified development road map.


Working together with the Coach, the PowerhouseMechanics Trainer works weekly with the athlete in one-on-one sessions to implement activities and drills focused on learning the prescribed movements and understanding the underlying concepts. Trainers instruction is aligned with the program's philosophy and teaches players to be able to teach themselves so that players – and parents – can effectively apply the activities during the week to develop mastery and move on to new training concepts.


Once the athletes have mastered the concepts prescribed, the athlete will work in a one-on-one session with the Coach or Head Coach to demonstrate their progress and receive instruction on the new concepts and areas of focus. The Coach then communicates the results of the session with the Trainer, and new goals are established for the player's development. This collaborative process of evaluation and training is repeated throughout the player's career to systematically develop the player to their full potential. Player progress is carefully tracked so that any PowerhouseMechanics coach can continue the athlete's training as needed.